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oregon_gop's Journal

Oregon Republican Party
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This is a community for Oregon conservatives. You can talk about state & national politics.

We just have a few simple rules;
  • No Flame wars
  • No Trolls
  • Keep X-posting to a minimum of 5-6 related topic communities, as many of us belong to these same communities.
  • Keep large posts to a minimum or use lj-cut.
    If you do not know how to use lj-cut please refer to LJ FAQ Question #75.

Fan Listings:

2008 elections, america, americans, anti-abortion, anti-affirmative action, anti-communism, anti-democrat, anti-gay marriage, anti-liberalism, anti-peta, anti-political correctness, anti-socialism, anti-terrorism, anti-un, ballots, blue state, capital punishment, capitalism, capitalists, capitol, christains, college gop, college republicans, congress, congressmen, congresswomen, conservatism, conservative issues, conservative politics, conservative views, conservatives, counties, debate, eastern oregon, economy, education, education reform, election, elections, electoral college, employment, far right, fox news, free trade, george w. bush, gop, government, government by the people, governor, governors, gun rights, health care, homeland security, jobs, lars larson, law, laws, left coast, legislative, legislature, lobbyists, local politics, marriage, media bias, military, moderate conservatives, moderates, national, national defense, national politics, national rifle association, northern oregon, northwest, nra, oregon politics, oregonian, oregonians, political commentary, political debate, politics, polling, polls, poly-ticks, portland oregon, primaries, pro-life, pro-nra, pro-troops, pro-war, protect marriage, reagan, reaganomics, relegion, representation, representatives, republican party, republicans, right wing, rightist, ronald reagan, salem oregon, second ammendment, self defence, senators, september 11th, small government, southern oregon, state, state capitals, state law, state laws, state politics, state representatives, state senators, states, straight marriage, straight pride, support our troops, supreme court, talk radio, tax cuts, taxation, taxes, the house, the nra, the senate, traditional marriage, unemployment, united states, us, usa, vast right wing conspiracy, veterans, victoria taft, vote, voter registration, voter rights, voters, voting, war in afghanistan, war in iraq, war on terror, washington, washington state, welfare, west coast, western oregon, workers, young conservatives, young republicans